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About Us

Mark Stutsman started Salvage Sculpture in 2015 . He had been artistic throughout his life and metal was something that he enjoyed working with. Initially he worked with metal in a strictly utilitarian manner but it quickly developed into an artistic passion, fashioning complex steel sculptures from metal scrap. He prides himself on transforming salvaged materials into an art form that elicits emotions. His love for working with metal has pushed him towards the usage of coins in his art ,with crafted coin rings and elaborate hand carved hobo nickles. Working in jewelry gives him a great way to create smaller, inexpensive and unique art for everyone to enjoy. 

Jamie Gish is the mind and pliers behind our assemblage art line. She specializes in one of a kind pieces, re-fashioned out of the beautiful bits of junk others leave behind. She enjoys finding ways to incorporate odd items into her jewelry, putting forth an aesthetic that combines grit with romance, posh with punk. She feels it's her mission to give the past back it's voice by creating art pieces that are fashion forward, functional and wearable.

Mark and Jamie met in July of 2016 when Mark signed up for a craft fair Jamie was organizing . They shortly discovered they both shared a similar love for re-purposing items. It wasn't long before the two were inseparable, deciding to collaborate their styles and businesses. Commissions are happily accepted.